What is Raw Gym?

Raw Gym is a place for PTs to train their clients at a fully equipped gym, without having to pay the high rates of commercial gyms. Often PTs have to be a member of more than 1 gym, having to pay those rates when they aren’t at any 1 gym for long periods of time. What Raw Gym does, is allow PTs to train their clients when they want, in a facility that is purpose built for PTs, and not have the onerous costs behind it.

Whether it’s a class, a 1-2-1 session or a group, this can all happen at Raw Gym. And its all within the monthly cost, that is very reasonable. And allows PTs to use the gym for as many of their clients as they want. The set up has been specifically designed with this in mind. And knowing that not all PTs or their clients want the same thing, we have covered as much as we possibly can in the space. This includes;

  • Functional training area
  • Strong man area
  • Body building area
  • Cardio and abs area
  • A chill out area for PRE or post workout
  • Kitchen facilities for our guests
The gym has showers and changing facilities. A huge amount of parking and 24/7 access as long as the client is coming in with a PT. Those clients that have been trained by a PT can then stay as long as they want after their session should they want to work on an extra development areas. Or just get the dreaded cardio done.

We have built the gym for PTs and clients alike. So whilst this provides a cost effective place for PTs to train their clients, it also gives those clients somewhere to train that is not a busy commercial gym. So if you aren’t confident in the gym. Or you want to do some training away from staring eyes. Or you just want to listen to your own music blaring out with a couple of friends, this is the place to do that.

You can also hire for competitions, photo shoots, posing practice and much more.  

But who really is RAW GYM?

Paul Gandolfo

Being a businessman first and foremost, sport and fitness is Pauls way to relax. And whilst many people see it as a chore, Paul uses this to unwind, whilst having personal goals to achieve. It keeps him focussed, and ensures that he is constantly working to better himself in all that he does.

In his younger years Paul was a squash player. Local club, county player and represented his club overseas in Holland, France and Barbados. But his knees started to struggle and he moved to triathlons where he quickly started to compete at events across the country.

More recently, Paul has turned to the gym for his release. He isn’t a PT and doesn’t compete. But he does give everything into his sessions and wants to be the best version of himself that he can be.

Whether that’s beating his 1 rep max, or simply lifting more or hitting more reps. Everything is about pushing himself as much as he can. And that’s why this business was perfect for both Paul and Stella together

Raw Gym

Meet the team



Ash is our man when we need to lift big. He is a power lifter and body builder but can hit all areas of PT. He runs our strong man section with a passion, along with standard PT.



As a coach I create individual workout programs based on each clients goals that balance effective exercise regimes and strategies to promote mental well being and informed lifestyle choices.

Darren (1)


Darren specialises in group training and Tabata style training which is always high intensity but of course only to your own intensity. He makes use of all gym equipment to make the sessions as functional as possible. From Farmer walks to assault bike, ball slams to rope swings, he has it all. For fat loss, toning and general fitness Darren can certainly get you on the road to success and is always willing to stay and go the distance with his clients. Book on one of Darrens sessions now to see how you can benefit. *Please note Darren runs woman only classes as well. Please email for more information.