Services and Classes

Your success is our priority

It doesn’t matter about your current level of fitness, or even if you’ve never visited a gym before.

Our expert team love to work with everyone, whether you’re looking for bespoke 1:1 personal training or our thriving semi private community, there’s no need to be self-conscious about walking into our private facility. Get the results you want in a place you’ll love coming back to.

Reaching and sustaining success: that’s what Raw Gym + PT Academy is all about. Book a free call to find out what you’re capable of.

A friendly and welcoming environment

1:1 Personal Training

Our 1:1 Personal training is built on trust. Bespoke programming and specific coaching in training, nutrition and mindset. Personalised to your individual goals and lifestyle, we’ll provide you with the support and accountability needed to achieve life-changing results.

Group Sessions

More training, more accountability and the ability to build the body of your dreams faster with support from a thriving community of like minded individuals who want the best for themselves and others.


Bespoke classes covering all types of training from HIIT, LIIT, Bootcamps, Spin and more. Based on government guidelines of class allowances, we will ensure you come away from our classes feeling a real sense of achievement whilst being in a clean and safe environment. The aim of the classes is to cover many exercises as possible in the allotted timescale. And you will feel the burn after, that we can assure you of.


Our workshops are designed to improve your ability within the given workshop area. These will range from Squats, Deadlifts, Pressing, through to introduction to Strong Man and more. Mainly focused on the compound movements, this will be a class of no more that 6 people, working with experts to perfect your form and increase your knowledge not just of the movement but what it's actually doing to your body and why. We are sure you will increase your performance within the specific area after these workshops and you’ll see the results almost instantly.